Chris Brisson: Dead Broke To Travelling The World!

I was able to get a hold of an amazing guy named Chris Brisson. He is a 28-year old entrepreneur based in Del Rey Beach, Florida. He was able to share his ideas and experiences about how he made money through the internet without even expending a single drop of sweat doing actual work while he was busy with his leisurely travel.Chris said that everything started with a philosophy, a viewpoint concerning work wherein you actually live the life that you want doing things that you’ve always wanted. He explained that this philosophy made him decide to start a business through the internet which would allow him to travel and at the same time have access to his online business anywhere in the world. He says that what makes an internet based business more appealing to the kind of lifestyle that he chose is the mobility that it presents to him. He added that to manage an online business, one only has to have access to the internet through devices like a laptop, an iPhone or the iPad and you’re good to go.Chris shared with me that the secret to his success in his business venture is through the use of networking. Knowing the right individual or group of people with the same passion as you have will surely help in the long run. He spent a lot of his time attending seminars of some of the top online business gurus in the country such as Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Yanik Silver, Frank Kern, etc. In a couple of these seminars that he attended, he met people who are actually making money through the internet. Knowing them and learning from them has a lot to do with the success that his business is having now. It was a huge help for his venture the things that allowed him to focus his mindset to the philosophy he mentioned in the earlier part of our conversation.Nevertheless, Chris admitted that in some cases, traveling could pose a few little problems with regards to managing his business. Handling transactions on different time zones is one of the major obstacles that he has to face. According to him, he does his transactions through e-mails and teleconferences via Skype. He made use of the auto-responder feature of his email so that transactions can continue even when he’s away for a couple of days in places where there is no internet connection. He says that all that he has gone through was sort of an experiment for him with regards to his business and it actually paid off its dividends in the long run. His online business was virtually running on auto-pilot from then on!In view of the things that he did like attending seminars from top online entrepreneurs, making contacts with people who matter, gradually learning the tricks of the trade, looking for the right tools, experimentation and innovation regarding his business endeavor, it was absolutely an amazing time to be able to learn about this guy who made it. He is the one who set everything up on auto-pilot and now he only check his sales reports and see how many sales he got. His business is growing without him actually being there. Now this is what I call a fantastic lifestyle!

Luxury Accommodation in Pretoria for Leisure and Business Purposes

Overseas travellers to South Africa often do Internet searches to find luxury accommodation in Pretoria. A few tips on how to select accommodation in the city are provided below to help make the process a bit easier.Purpose for VisitingAlthough it may not seem all that important at first, the choice of luxury accommodation in Pretoria does depend on the reason for visiting the Jacaranda City of South Africa. If the traveller is in Pretoria on a political campaign, a venue near the Union Buildings will suffice.The city is known for its many embassies and consulates. Most of them are located in Brooklyn, which is closer to the city, Waterkloof and Muckleneuk. It will thus be best to look for guesthouses or lodges in the mentioned areas if the traveller wants to be near the main political meeting places.If the visit is for leisure and sightseeing reasons, the East of Pretoria should be the choice region for luxury accommodation. Most of the lodges, hotels and guesthouses in the eastern suburbs cater to requirements of discerning travellers. Numerous restaurants, theatres and sport facilities in addition to shopping malls are located in the eastern suburbs.Main Shopping MallsUnlike many other cities in the world with shops accessible directly from the streets, most of the shops in Pretoria are located in malls for safety reasons. The main upmarket shopping malls are located in Brooklyn, Silver Lakes, Garsfontein, Lynnwood, Newlands-Menlyn, Faerie-Glen and Moreleta Park. Waterkloof and Groenkloof feature smaller and exclusive community shopping centres. Restaurants, pubs, and theatres are also located in the malls. The only large malls in the northern parts of the city are that of Kolonade and Zambezi, while visitors can also shop in Centurion closer to Johannesburg at the Centurion Mall.Sport and Leisure FacilitiesFor the discerning traveller wanting luxury accommodation in Pretoria near leisure facilities, the eastern suburb lodges and hotels should be considered. Most of the golf courses are located in Centurion, Wingate Park, Silver Lakes, and Waterkloof. Horse riding facilities are available out on the Garsfontein and Lynnwood Roads in the eastern parts of the city region, while one can also find many horse riding facilities to the northern parts on-route to Cullinan. Mid-city horse riding areas include that of Groenkloof Nature Reserve and the Voortrekker Monument.Pretoria doesn’t offer a lot when it comes to water sports. Luxury accommodation can be booked near or at Hartbeespoort Dam in the North where boat sports can be enjoyed. If a person wants to enjoy yachting, accommodation near the Rietvlei Dam should be considered. Roodeplaat Dam is to the North whilst Bronkhorstspruit Dam lies about 60 km east of Pretoria.Museums and LandmarksLuxury accommodation in Pretoria East is the preferred option for people who want to do sightseeing. With it being the up-market area of the city, it doesn’t feature many museums, but once the historical sightseeing of the day is over, most people want to return to a safe and elegant environment, possible when staying in the a hotel or lodge in one of the eastern suburbs.Some of the main historical attractions in the eastern parts of PretoriaSammy Marks Museum – featuring a historical Victorian styled home with lush gardens and a labyrinth.
Irene Concentration Camp.
Irene Farm Village.
Nanhua Buddhist Temple in Bronkhorstspruit.
Willem Prinsloo Museum with its farm implements and classic vehicles.
Cullinan, as a little historical diamond town outside Pretoria.
Jan Smuts House in Irene
Erasmus Castle in Erasmuskloof, Pretoria East.
Pioneer Museum in Silverton.
Air Force Museum in Lyttleton, Centurion.The eastern parts of the city are known for the best luxury accommodation Pretoria has to offer, up-market shopping, and sport facilities as well as a few historical attractions.